And, it’ll also lead to fewer emails in your inbox, giving you the freedom to do your best work. Double-check the body for spelling and grammar. Write your content before you mock up the email. This list will come in handy whenever you feel like double-checking your campaign before you’re ready to press “SEND NOW”. Lastly, double-check that whatever documents you’ve said you’ve attached are actually attached. 1. Keep paragraphs to two sentences or less. Since it’s not possible to stop or recall a sent email after it’s left our servers, we always recommend that you thoroughly test your campaign first and have put together this checklist to help you remember the 10 essential things you should check before sending any mailing to your audience. With the amount of messages vying for attention in your recipients’ inboxes each day, you may be wondering how your email can … Even seasoned email marketing professionals make mistakes sometimes and it’s easy to forget to check one or two things. There are also services available to test your email on many different email … Your plain text email cannot include any hyperlinked text or special formatting, and you should limit the body of the text to 75-characters wide or fewer. Since it's not possible to stop or recall a sent email after it's left our servers, we always recommend that you thoroughly test your campaign first and have put together this checklist to help you remember the 10 essential things you should check before sending any mailing to your audience. Every day, businesses send 89 billion emails. Don’t panic, though! When this happens, you need a good email marketing checklist , and that is exactly what we are going to provide for you. Make sure that the question is from the list below. Before sending your email, check whether your subject line meets the following criteria: Length: Keep your subject lines within 50 characters. If your email service provider doesn’t have a spam checker, you can use this one. Ah, why not open your free email marketing account today and enjoy the praises you’ll get from your recipients because of the … Read on! Here are nine questions to ask yourself before you hit send. Before You Send: Your Email Checklist. Sending an angry or passive-aggressive email is almost never a good idea. Double-check you have attached the right attachment. Verify Email Addresses Ensure you are sending all emails and attachments to your intended recipients; double check the correct email addresses before hitting send. Azure CollierLast Modified: March 6, 2015. 1. Checklist before sending a newsletter Published by Micheli on August 28, 2018 We are getting busier, trying to do several things at the same time and although the ability to solve problems in an agile way is remarkable, the speed at which we finish our tasks can be a problem. Then, sign your code to prevent any security warnings or the code from not running at all. How to use this checklist to review your email campaign. These tips might sound like common sense. If you can’t, have someone else to go through this checklist … However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. Without an open, there’s no way to get a conversion. Make sure all of your links are functional prior to sending your email. Add your footer Always check the ALT text for each image, too. Subject Line. Use a clean and minimal email template with lots of white space. Test. Is the Subject Line Clear, Relevant, Believable? If you're sending any commercial email, you should be aware of and know how to comply with the requirements enforced by the CAN-SPAM Act , which establishes rules for commercial messages. Your email service provider will also automatically add this link, but you need to make sure it’s clearly visible and functioning correctly. That means you need to include a strong and clear call to action in every email. How does this email marketing checklist work? and are tasked with sending out the latest newsletter. Don’t panic, though! Send yourself a test email (you might also want to send it to a friend to check for typos) so you can see what your recipients will see. Let’s start at the top (and don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the article to get your free email checklist PDF). Welcome to your new favourite checklist before you send out your email campaign. A recent survey done by Litmus and Fluent found 34% of respondents said the subject line was the factor that determined whether they would open an email or not. So if you're not leveraging these test sends to proof your email messages before they go out, you're just asking for the scenario we highlighted above. Check out this 6-Step Checklist before you begin your next email newsletter to ensure that your email will receive the results you desire. Sign off with a “thank you” or “best.” Ensure you include other ways of getting in touch. An image’s ALT text will be visible if it doesn’t load in a particular email client, so don’t accidentally include embarrassing or inappropriate file names in the ALT text for your images. Make sure your email includes a courteous greeting and closing. Examine the subject line of the email — your recipient should be able to read the full subject line in his email client. How to Create and Verify an Email Newsletter Before Sending [Checklist] Email Design Nataly Birch • March 06, 2019 • 5 minutes READ Need to know how to create an Email Newsletter? A 10 Point Checklist Before Sending Your Email Newsletter. You can use the email marketing pre-launch checklist every time before sending an email newsletter. … Preview and test your emails before sending them. Email checklist. When your recipient checks her email, she looks at the “from” field to see who... Compose your email. Listen in on our Email Marketing Mistakes webinar which includes a pre-send checklist, how to go about damage control, and other common email marketing mistakes that you should avoid. For a cold email to be effective, you have to be 100% honest with yourself. Also, a spelling error in a subject line is particularly embarrassing. But before you do that, make sure your email passed the checklist below. Your subject line is like the headline of a blog post — you get one chance to convince your recipient to keep reading. Before you send your marketing email, be sure that you schedule it to be sent at an optimal time. Soon enough, it’ll become a habit. Sending Your Email Campaign Select the target list and apply your contact filters. This email marketing checklist will help you optimize your signups, help you write and design high-converting emails, and explain what you need to do after sending your newsletter.