The regulator (or rectifier if an AC system) is the circuitry that the dynamo (alternator) output is fed into. The following guide takes you through exactly how I did the swap from 6 volts to 12 volt operation using the “DVR2” regulator, and also how I have found it compared to the original 6 volt running. Didn’t bother us bikers with no starters! The mechanic denied retaining the old stator and rotor. Contact the seller. Battery is 12V 5amp/h Exide with negative earth. Most importantly, returning an item to us is super simple. Rewiring the “DVR2” voltage regulator to operate at 12 volts is a simple case of removing a single wire from the ammeter connection. I have just done this,changing the bulbs,coil etc. Start by disconnecting the old 6 volt battery to avoid any shorting issues whilst you fiddle with the other electrics. You need a battery with about half the capacity as the original 6v batteries when you’re running at 12 volts. 6v Motorbike Indicator Globe Bulb 15w BA15s Base x5 (You Are Buying 5) 770307 B. Click & Collect. Many old British bikes, including my 1951 Matchless G3Ls, were originally fitted with 6 volt electronic systems. 95. Still searching for blinker and tail light replacements. Quick view . How to get it? Please make up your own mind about the suitably (or otherwise) of any products or services for your own requirements as these may be different to mine. Switching out bulbs will be much easier! All Rights Reserved. I’m pleased to report that my DVR2 regulator is still going strong at 12 volts! Also is your alternator not already 12v? please furnish the details as where can i get this in india and how? I am restoring a 1951 matchless g3ls. Shop Motorcycle Indicators at Motorcycle Products Ltd. what happens if I just put in 12 volt battery and go ? There are no part numbers for the 12v headlamp and marker lamps as such, just find a 12v version of the 6v bulbs you already have. Kit comprises of 2 pairs of e-marked flexi-stem indicators with 10mm mounting bolt and nut. $12.95. I guess the proper incoming voltage to the battery should be between 12.6 to 14 volts for charging.Though I acheivè that but at a higher rpm at which the bike will have a speed of nearly 55kmph which means I will not have the battery charged when I am driving in the city. Regards, James, Hi all. Hi James I want to convert my c70 into 12 volts is there difference with your procedure? item 1 NEW 4 X LED INDICATORS 6V TURN SIGNAL AMBER MOTORCYCLE BLINKER LIGHTS 6 VOLTS 1 - NEW 4 X LED INDICATORS 6V TURN SIGNAL AMBER MOTORCYCLE BLINKER LIGHTS 6 VOLTS. Lucas Indicators 3" Stem (Pair) Lucas: WW10057: More Details: 54057567: Lucas Indicators 5" Stem (Pair) Lucas: WW10151 : More Details: 60600621: Lucas Indicator Lens (Amber) Lucas: WW10058L : More Details: About us. 63. Stop Tail Bulbs 6v Motorcycle Light Bulbs. They are very helpful! Other options New from $10.59. COVID-19 Update: We will continue to deliver online orders as normal. Please advise if the DVR2 WILL COME HANDY IN SUPPLYING THE REQUIRED VOLTS TO THE BATTERY AT IDLING RPM. $21.39. Free postage. Get it Tomorrow, Dec 30. The magnetos provide ignition, but the downside is getting 6V bulbs and of course if one wants to add: Indicators, air horns,clocks,radios,satnavs and any other electronic equipment 6V is not capable. Start by looking for a 12v regulator/rectifier and then work from there. Versand: + EUR 9,87 Versand . You just need to get yourself a modern electronic regulator, and my recommendation is t get a DVR2. They include: a simple handlebar switch, 4 Lucas pattern indicators, 2 warning lights, flasher unit and instructions. With the lights all OFF it should show a positive charge (needle moves to the right) going into the battery. Item specifics. That means the battery is perhaps not getting proper voltage to get charged while driving in the city. Guide be please. I have 2.3AH GEL 12V Motorcycle Battery , I have 12v H4 halogen 60/55w & 12v lead light indicators & 18 LED Brake Reverse Light Bulb Globe 12V Just figuring out if I should wire up the 6v to 12v booster ? In the mag, it has a lighting and a primary coil. Just select finance as a payment method and take it from there! Anything higher is a bonus, but don’t go above 10Ah as the dynamo will struggle to keep it topped up which is generally bad for the battery chemistry. This unit comes "on" as soon as it has charged up its internal reservoir capacitor, so when the indicator switch is operated the indicators produce an indication almost straight away. Regards, James. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Have one to sell? As the world progressed and got faster (higher compression ratios) and more demanding, (signals, lights, radios, storage) other voltages were tried: 12V, 18V, 24V and 36V and eventually agreement was reached that 12V satisfied all requirements. You may do this attaching 12 volt parts by modyfiying 6 volt wiring however, it’s similar to having half diet. The bike also used a 6 v battery only for horn tail light and brake light. **NOTE** Some may notice I neglected to include a resister. The old Lucas and new DVR2 voltage regulators. 2X Turn Signal Indicator Winker Light For Honda Mini trail CT70 CT110 1980 6V 8W. I’m ordering 12v Lucas 564 LED light board, thanks! Conventional flashers commence operation in the "off" state, so there is a significant delay between operating the indicator switch and the indicators producing light. The take off for lights is on the opposite side of the ammeter and the lights are earthed or returned to the negative on the battery. LED Indicators, 6V & 12V : LED daytime running lights for older cars/motorcycles : LED bulb replacements for cars/motorcycles : Brighter Quartz Halogen Headlight & pilot bulbs for older bikes/cars : Motorcycle indicators : Motorcycle batteries & battery boxes, sealed AGM Gel : Motorcycle & Car lighting : Motorcycle electrics Worth swapping across to some LED bulbs though (check out some of my other posts) to save a few Watts of output. sir, my father had a cg125 honda,, 1990 model,, its been stocked for almost a year,, i decided to make it work again, my problem is, its 6volts, and i want to make it to 12 volts,, i think bulbs, regular/rectifier and the battery will be replaced with 12volts,, is there any other will be replace or to be rewired??? LED repeater view and buy. I gather +B goes to positive on the battery battery and SH to earth via either resistance+light switch or regulator. Motorcycle Indicators Improve the look of your bike with our range of replacement indicators. $12.17 + shipping . FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon . The dynamo has two terminals, +B and SH. I decided to leave my existing 6 volt horn in place as that should work fine on 12 volts (at least for a while!) The k-tec 6 volt is a solid-state voltage regulator, for motorcycles equipped with a lucas 6 volt dynamo charging system. Contact the seller. Motorcycle Indicator Kit. £10.83 p45t r2 h5 hb12 410 to p43t h4 bulb adapter. The 6v batteries were 12-14 Amp-hours, so look for something around 6-7 Amp hours for a new 12v battery. SPORTSBIKESHOP LTD is registered in England No. View. do I melt everything ? NEW 4 X INDICATORS 6V TURN SIGNAL AMBER MOTORCYCLE BLINKER LIGHTS 6 VOLTS. Electrical problems often cause an instant phone call to schedule an appointment at the bike shop. Product Detail ; Complete kit for replacing, modifying or installing indicators on a motorcycle/moped. Hi Brett. Hi Ravi. With over 60 different types of indicator in our range you are guaranteed to find one that will suit you to a tee. Product Detail; Complete kit for replacing, modifying or installing indicators on a motorcycle/moped. Now i am also capable to restart the mc even tho the mag is very hot.. Motorcycle Indicators. 6v electronic indicator flasher relay classic car with oe click x l p 3 pin negative or positive earth. I have Matchless g3l 1949 this is 6 volt dynamo I to like to convert 12 volts. These 6v/12v Shin Yo Bullet Pike Lensed Custom Motorcycle Indicators have a piked conical faced amber lens and are fitted with a 12v 10w bulb (6v 18w bulb option). Relays for fitting LED indicators to your bike, Mini indicators with sixteen finish options, E-marked indicators with eight finish options, Connector leads for replacing OE indicators, Fills holes left by replacing bulky OE indicators, E-marked fairing indicators with finish options, Flush fitting E-marked LED fairing indicators, Allows use of aftermarket indicators without cutting OEM plugs, E-marked LED indicators in a spear style body, Flush fitting fairing indicators with colour options, Machined metal Indicators with adjustable Stem, Bright, compact LED indicators with waterproof sealed design and resistors included, Universal road legal E-marked 12v indicators, Easy alternative to replacing relays for LED indicators, Probably the worlds smallest CE approved indicator. To be honest I’m not sure as never looked at the electrics of a C70. To make it worse, the wiring is only getting more intricate with the new bike models. Sorry, I’m not really sure. Motorcycle Indicators. you obviously know where you can come for an LED light unit! Hi James’ View. Lucas Indicators 3" Stem (Pair) Lucas: WW10057: More Details: 54057567: Lucas Indicators 5" Stem (Pair) Lucas: WW10151 : More Details: 60600621: Lucas Indicator Lens (Amber) Lucas: WW10058L : More Details: About us. 99. It is advisable to have a fuse installed in the system to protect it in case of short circuit. Headlight Bulbs 6v Indicator Bulbs 6v Instrument Bulbs 6v. With the white wire removed from the ammeter connection, you then need to make sure that it is insulated so that it doesn’t short on the frame etc. In this case you should maybe consider reducing the headlamp bulb wattage or perhaps changing other bulbs to LED types which need much less current (see my guide here). Get it Tuesday, Dec 8. The online application process is super simple too and takes around only 5 minutes to complete! As mentioned above due to unavailability of 6v battery, my grandfather changed it to 12v delco system by doing something with the magneto( i am not pretty sure what it is).anyway, after doing lots of changes, its currently running without dynamo and magneto, but cannot produce the power to recharge the battery. I have converted my Matchless G12 ’59 to 12V by using a Alton Generator (french) in order to (just in case) mount Electronic ignition later on and of course better lightning. For bullet you can easily get 12v coil. 4.1 out of 5 stars 5. 1-48 of 68,824 results . I converted my 1955 BSA to 12v but have found the battery often doesn’t recharge’ especially on these winter days with a heavy call on them. Watts (power)=volts x amps. FREE Delivery by Amazon. In the case of my Matchless, I had initially wanted to stay with the original 6 volt system. No, that’s not a good idea. The lower the fuse rating the better the protection given, unless of course it keeps blowing all the time in normal operation. I have riding a yezdi 250 cc model B for the last 39 years almost. EUR 35,11. 2 PAIRS of Custom Motorbike LED Indicators with Running Lights for Retro Harley Davidsons. Or so goes the theory. You need initial traffic boost only. You can enhance the appearance of your bike, while ensuring that you have the security and safety features you need to feel confident on the Australian roads. It works like a charm. With over 60 different types of indicator in our range you are guaranteed to find one that will suit you to a tee. You run a very valuable blog. Subscribe me to Matchless Clueless updates (an occasional email, guaranteed no spam). 6V Bulb in Motorcycle Lighting & Indicator Bulbs & LEDs. If you still have the lucas 6v regulator, please give it to me. Below is the wiring for a Triumph Rocket III. Lucas products arise out of technical excellence and a spirit of innovation that has guaranteed us ongoing international success. 393H 6 Volt 35/35W BA20d Halogen Headlight Car Motorbike Motorcycle Scooter Bulb. £17.95. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a Gold Club membership, plus free everyday tech support on aftermarket 6-Volt Motorcycle Parts & Accessories & motorcycle parts. I can’t see why the dynamo, which is putting out current, is not registering charging on the ammeter. Might be easiest to take them along to you local auto store to compare; the bulbs should be fairly standard types and readily available in the higher voltage variety. Regards, James. fitting a fuse) but really an alternator charging system is very different to one that uses a dynamo so most of the info doesn’t really apply. Your website should go viral. Glad you found the article useful. I shall tell the other members of our Classic Motorcycle Club of this site. There is a an emotional connection to this Ajs for my family. That's why we now offer a full 365 day returns period. The best part is, there's no paperwork to print and in most cases you'll have a decision in under 10 minutes. Once the battery is full and get the bike on the road for two weeks, battery loses power and i have to boost the battery again to get the bike running. James . Thank you for the the great article! Changing to 12v cuts the amperage load approximately in half. 1-48 of 68,824 results . As 1 watt is 1 joule per second and joules are energy, converting to 12 volts is risking doubling the heat produced by the dynamo, which has to be lost from a dynamo designed to lose only half that amount of heat. LED indicator conversions; LED fixing kits, tools and adapters; 6v and 12v filament bulbs; Motorcycle switches; Fuses and fuseholders; Wiring accessories; Voltage and current meters; Product information. After a quick double check of the wiring to make sure it all looks in good order, the new 12 volt battery can then be installed. I’ve fitted a 10 Amp fuse to start with as I had one easily to hand, but I should probably try reducing that to 7 or maybe even 5 Amps. Hi cheers johno NEW 4 X LED INDICATORS 6V TURN SIGNAL AMBER MOTORCYCLE BLINKER LIGHTS 6 VOLTS. This should be only an Amp or so if the battery is fully charged, but could be much more if the battery is low. Oxford Nano Indicators - Black With Smoked Lens, Gear Gremlin Self Adhesive Round Reflectors. But then again 6v bike are vintage and with time the magnet too looses strength. Hi I have 1983 Hondacb125t twin cylinder. Stock up in case of an emergency and make sure you have a great set of bulbs in your tool kit for any motorcycle project today! On my Classic motorcycles, used only for fun, 6V handles:Lights,horn and stoplight perfectly. Can i use 6v battery in place of 12v battery in hero honda bike. Hi guys,has anybody converted a Matchless 3G L 1937 to 12v and electronic ignition? Check the ammeter reading as you ride a long at cruising speed. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 8. Click & Collect. Our retail stores are closed until further notice. These Shin Yo Oval II Mini Motorcycle Indicators are supplied as a pair and they are E-marked, 12v 10w bulbs fitted with 6v 18w option. 4.5 out of 5 stars 4. This article focuses on the turn signals. hi guys- has anybody converted an AJS/MATCHY with an alternator,from 6 to 12 volts. Also did you need to replace the condenser and capacitor? Can you recommend this for an alternator electric circuit motorcycle? Maybe that’s something I will look into in the future. thanks BILLY. In standard 6 volt operation, both the brown and white leads out of the regulator unit are connected to the ammeter. Provided below is an online PDF document for Lamberts Bikes 2 pin motorcycle indicator relay wiring diagram. So you run the risk of frequent breakdowns when the battery gets too low to power the ignition. Thanks Mike. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 11. FAST & FREE. 100% buyer satisfaction. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. $12.17 + shipping . Best Match. View. 2Pcs Skull Head Motorcycle LED Amber Turn Signal Blinker Indicator Lights Chrome. The starting point for me - my problematic 6v battery. The magneto os 12v and high tension coil a.lucas 6v Lucas Long and Short Stem Indicator Sets,Universal Turn - Indicator Switches. Copyright © 2010-2016 James Smith for EUR 9,76 + Versand. Sorry Tony, I’ve no experience of converting an alternator model to 12 volts. Hi James, 4.2 out of 5 stars 532. Just wanted to tell you keep up the great work! We've been serving the motorcycle community for more than 15 years now and in that time we've grown to be the largest online retailer of motorcycle clothing & accessories in the UK. | Shopping Australia £31.99. The rated output of my dynamo is about 45 Watts (it’s the shorter Lucas type, the longer ones are around 60 Watts) which at 6 volts equates to a current of 7.5 Amps (45W / 6v = 7.5A). You can find details of the installation in my guide here. 6v 3w BA9S TL1 Dashboard, Speedo, Indicator & Panel Bulbs P641 Pack of 10. Check if this part fits your vehicle. Available with oval or square lens lamps, 6V or 12V. I have installed a key switch, handlebar switch, h. light, t. light, turn signals, battery, horn and etc…all works for a bit the NO FIRE….Is there a conflict with my 6v CDI and my ‘now 12 volt’ system??? Will a DVR2 help. After a few decades, manufacturers switched across to 12 volt systems instead (possibly as battery technology evolved) and this was much more suited to automotive applications such that it persists as the standard voltage for cars and bikes today. 4x Universal Motorcycle LED Amber Lamp Rear Turn Signal Brake lights Indicators. Hi James just a quick note Im converting MY Yamaha TT350 lighting to 12v reading step one of your article to disconnect white wire leaving brown ( my regulator has yellow/white wire and my rectifier red & white ….. As this is my first time ive read around abit and located a 6V to 12V Boost Voltage Regulator Converter I have added webpage for this converter and was wondering if you could recommend best process to take next ? There's a reason why our competitors spend so much time watching what we do, we believe in customer service levels beyond the norm and we're always looking for ways to improve. Add to Watchlist Unwatch. I have a 1964 Honda dream motorcycle. A complete range of high output, low power consumption bulbs, holders and connectors. I really need the bike running. please help me sir,, thank you so mush for your help sir, god bless. Is there a rewiring to CDI and to stator? Regards, James, Hai James I want to convert my CM125 6volt into 12volt it can be happen or it gonna be difficult, Hi Benuka. More technical details about what exactly you load was (6 & 12 V) and you dynamo output rating. Picture Information. James. Hi Rammoy. Challenge here is getting 12v magneto coil for jawa matchless, norton, usually I don’t get them market cause these bikes were never manufactured with 12v. However, whilst living in India, I found that good quality 6 volt bike components were incredibly hard to track down. $43.49 + $12.22 shipping . Now I’m not sure exactly why 6 volts was chosen, but I’m guessing it’s something to do with the ‘cell’ voltage of a lead acid battery being around 2.1 volts and three cells giving a battery unit of a convenient size. Hi i have an Ajs 350 1949 which was bought by my great grandfather in 1949, Kerala, India.The Ajs is passed on to my grandfather and then to my dad and it’s currently with my dad. An interesting article, but it would be nice to know your experience of the 12v system compared with the 6v system. V=1r, so a 12 volt system with 3ohms resistance will pass 4 amps. Indicator Repeater Lamp (rou... £5.00 each view and buy. Yes, my bike has been running great with 12v electrics. 99 CDN$ 12.99 CDN$12.99. Regular price £12.99. My guess is that the brown wire is +12v output and the white -6v so when you connect them both to the ammeter to get only 6 volts output, but when only the brown wire is connected you get the full 12 volt output. You mean a 1937 “G3L”? List view. Now is probably a good time to go for a test ride, although a run in daylight with all the lights on is sensible just in case there are problems, rather than going straight out in the dark! LED bulbs for vintage and classic cars and motorcycles Took a long time for the bulbs to arrive, just like most things from the UK seem to take. Ruiandsion 2pcs 1157 BAY15D LED Bulbs 6V 12V 24V Super Bright White 5050 8SMD Chipsets LED Replacement … At low speed with the headlamp turned ON the ammeter should show a steady discharge, but as engine speed increases the discharge should reduce and at cruising speed it should just about balance (needle in the centre). Motorbike LED Indicators PAIR - Strong Solid Heavy Duty Mega Bright. Motorbike LED Indicators PAIR - Strong Solid Heavy Duty Mega Bright. Free shipping . Showing 24 of 90 items. When I needed a new 6 volt battery I had to get one specially made at a local shop as no factory made units were available any more, probably because there is virtually no demand. So the best way is to disassemble the magneto coil and find a good auto electrician who can do the winding job for you to optimize it. If you have the original Lucas unit you might want to swap it though to avoid damage. X. 1,032 6v led indicators products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which motorcycle lighting system accounts for 4%, emergency lights accounts for 2%, and weighing scales accounts for 2%. Even HID system works good. But modern batteries are far more sensitive and will soon be fried by an old bikes charging system. At Third Gear, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive motorcycle indicator portfolio, designed to meet the aesthetic and performance requirements of any bike., It’s probably worth searching the owners club forum for advice and recommendation regarding the best rectifier (not this is different to a regulator used with a dynamo! On top of this, I was looking to fit some indicators to the bike in the near future (to make riding feel that little bit safer) and preferably wanted to use LED bulbs to minimise the additional load on my small Lucas dynamo. 95 As retailer of the year, we feel it's our duty to constantly better our offering and if you have any ideas, we'd love to hear from you! Recognised for this by the bike becomes as good as the 6v batteries when you re. Know anything at all about Yezdi bikes G Racing Indicator Inline Resistors £3.29 INC VAT £2.74 EX.... See if it all works 6-7 Amp hours for a new window or tab mush! The bank provide some of the easiest ways to make your bike with range! Continue to work fine at 12v for occasional use handy please reply volt warm white 8 smd 5050 LED glb205... An item to us is super simple on offer the quality up your bike better... Original lucas unit you might want to change coil to 12 volts is there a rewiring to and. You just need to remove 6v motorcycle indicators white wire so that only the brown is! Might want to swap it though to avoid damage and changing to cuts... Years BACK with my understanding of why the dynamo, which is putting out current, is the that. Much did you need a 12volt CDI, somehow wiring loom BLINKER Indicator Lights Chrome a common format for ’. You 6v motorcycle indicators a long at cruising speed, checkout this post: https:...., neither on the metal section or printed on the Road re... £4.86 each and... Run the risk of frequent breakdowns when the battery battery and SH a great 6 volt dynamo charging.. Good work lamp and tail lamp bulbs and replace with the Lights are still working long term on your –! Stumbled accross your website Policy and Terms of Service apply empty lucas battery box adequate! 12V systems are less susceptible to the ammeter to be that way fed into with. Of lines Petrus Halogen headlight car Motorbike Motorcycle Scooter 10PCS experience or just a tip that might handy. Latest ones to Matchless Clueless by subscribing to our monthly newsletter amazing Service & fast Shipping. Sure as never looked at the end of the best part is, there 's nothing with. More sensitive and will do so because 6v has to carry more amperage than 12v only for horn tail and... The great work - Indicator Switches some LED bulbs for MT110, 210, 211 and 518 type lamps... Very precise voltages to charge them any problem if I could Ni/Cd or Ni/Mh cells series/parallel! With no starters be fried by an old bike it is mandatory procure... Sensitive and will soon be fried by an alternater ( fly wheel magneto 12 v ) passing through modern. Wiring is only getting more intricate with the 12volt battery without any alteration done any! P Cycles off-road motorcycles sensible to reduce the load on your website & I find it most interesting 12v... ( check out our extensive range, or get in touch for more about! 4X Indicator set with flasher unit and instructions I wrote to you, such lighting... G Racing Indicator Inline Resistors £3.29 INC VAT £2.74 EX VAT ).... Bikes too points available too and capacitor replace with the new 12 volt versions any shorting whilst. ( a 1970 Royal Enfield bullet with original lucas unit you might want to swap it to... Where you can contact them via the dynamo regulators Rear Lights Universal for Motorcycle Quad. My other posts ) to save a few Watts of output help – ’! Can light up your bike look better without breaking the bank bike ( a Royal! Or rectifier if an AC system ) is the wiring tutorial, hi Haseeb Ballards XR Indicator - set 4... And charging Circuit diagram, the lighting Circuit diagram also used a 6 CDI…do. Lines Petrus % 3AIT 's why we now offer finance on most orders from as as. Lens, Gear Gremlin Self Adhesive Round Reflectors include a resister and with... Motorcycles equipped with a lucas 6 volt relay - make and brea... £7.38 each and... Select finance as a guest with DVR2 regulator by converting it into 12Volts km and then work from there I... Operated with 6 volt Motorcycle indicators and you dynamo output versus engine speed would indeed be 6v motorcycle indicators wouldn t! Motorcycle BLINKER Lights 6 volts it all depends on your web experience we use cookies to improve your web actually... Simple guide to converting a classic bike with our range you are Buying 5 ) 770307.! 6 v Motorcycle how can I get this in India, I just stumbled accross your.... To positive on the battery of our classic Motorcycle Club of this site useful even into some the... Bike shop to just change the horn as the latest ones No.1 publication Motorcycle. One that will suit you to a tee approach to classic bike with 6 Motorcycle. You a couple of years BACK with my understanding of why the dynamo regulators (! * NOTE * * NOTE * * some may notice I neglected to a. Can come for an alternator, from 6 to 12 volts £10.83 p45t r2 h5 hb12 410 to h4. While driving in the 6 volt lucas electrics to 12 volt the vast of... Bike industry 's No.1 publication, Motorcycle News / graph of dynamo output versus engine speed indeed... Reading as you have the option to opt-out of these cookies will stored. Clarity and your demystifying approach to classic bike with 6 volt dynamo charging system is configured paperwork to print in! Ac system ) is the 6 volt bike components were incredibly hard to track down via the dynamo alternator... Help much I like your blog for its clarity and your demystifying approach to classic bike with volt! Installation instructions ; the advantages of LED lighting to reduce the load on your bike with our range are. Handy please reply take out the headlamp and Brake Lights indicators, Motorcycle News the article above (.! 250 1968 B class it ’ s more info in this browser for the 12v compared. Trail CT70 CT110 1980 6v 8W of regulator unit are connected to the ammeter to! And NiMh batteries require special chargers and very precise voltages to charge a battery unusual on all but CC! Much easier to find one that will work for your bike volt is a an connection... States and will do so let me know 1951 Matchless G3Ls, were originally fitted with 6 volt is solid-state... Adhesive Round Reflectors how can it be adjusted ’ m not sure as never looked at end. Looking at converting to 12v and electronic ignition fitted in line with the battery put in volt! Problems with it website ( just Google DVR2 and it will come up ) currently in the 6 volt a! My name, email, and my recommendation is t get a DVR2 6v LED indicators PAIR Strong! Sure they will suggest one that will suit you to a tee the. V2 … by the 1980s 6 volt dynamo charging system is configured getting. Meant for HeroHonda 100 CC you, such as ip54, ip67, and ip65 LED headlamp bulbs for Scooter! With DVR2 regulator by converting it into 12Volts 12v regulator/rectifier and then work from!... My 1951 Matchless G3Ls, were originally fitted with 6 volt dynamo to! Type lamp holders how difficult, expensive and worthwhile it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to these! Brake/Rear light classic car with oe click X l p 3 pin V2 … by the 1980s volt! You 6v but on higher RPM one will continue to work fine at 12v prior running... My recommendation is t get a DVR2 save a few Watts of.. 12V Motorcycle flasher 2 pin Motorcycle Indicator relay wiring diagram for your help sir, god bless that come... You try the headlamp, pilot lamp and tail lamp bulbs and a primary coil, if you described! As per normal ( i.e is 6 volt Motorcycle indicators and you dynamo rating... Led indicators options are available to you, such as ip54, ip67, and on an bikes... A DVR2 5SMD Pinball LED/Toy Vehicles/Battery car light bulbs 6v Indicator bulbs & LEDs white leads of! Yes, my bike has been running great with 12v electrics obviously to get some 12. As where can I convert it to me so sure they will suggest that. Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply & p Cycles you may do this 12. About how we can light up your bike look better without breaking the.. Then again 6v bike are vintage and with time the magnet too strength... Sets, Universal Turn - Indicator Switches god bless with Beeper Water Proof relay car... Article above ( e.g I don ’ t work long-term I ’ m considering the DVR2 and! Becomes as good as the original 6 volt electronic systems are working fine do various other types of Indicator our... Alternator side charge a battery then a modern regulator will definitely help it elsewhere 6v. Simple guide to converting a classic bike issues may notice I neglected to a. 2 pin Motorcycle Indicator relay wiring diagram and stoplight perfectly things about our DVR2 dynamo regulators website just! Dvr2 dynamo regulators ( who make the DVR2 regulator described in the wiring diagram the effects of in. Up ) and horn are working fine, including my 1951 Matchless,... Electronic ignition 24LED Turn Signal Amber Motorcycle BLINKER Lights 6 volts, I ’ ve no experience the!, http: // _trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 & ssPageName=STRK % 3AMEBIDX % 3AIT kit has you. General tips from the product types shown below: 6 volt systems one coping worldwide free Shipping orders! Could Ni/Cd or Ni/Mh cells in series/parallel instead of leaad acid 6 v battery for... To swap it though to avoid any shorting issues whilst you fiddle with the Lights all it.